President’s Message

It is my pleasure to be the President of Virgil Hawkins Justice Foundation. I believe in and also hold dear the same mission, core values, and strategies that is the basis for the Foundation.  It is with these ideals in mind that we embark on a yet another opportunity to showcase the Trailblazers, approximately 391 African American lawyers admitted to The Florida Bar during 1980-1989, a group comprising less than one percent of The Florida Bar during that period. These Trailblazers will be showcased in a second book, Florida’s First Black Lawyers 1980-1989, Volume 2, as a continuation of the pioneering rich minority legal history. Therefore, Virgil Hawkins Justice Foundation in partnership with Virgil Hawkins Florida Chapter National Bar Association will unveil at a Gala on June 16, 2018, the Trailblazers and volume 2.

This labor of love in supporting both a second history book and producing a second Gala demonstrates the Foundation’s commitment to promoting diversity through awareness and education. We invite you to join us in providing financial and educational opportunities for minority law students. Your contributions will greatly aid in this endeavor as well as support the Gala where we acknowledge and highlight those who have contributed in any way to the success of this mission.  I know we can count on you to participate in a meaningful way to the programming that you hold as dearly as we do. See you at the Gala. Please click here to see how you can lend your support.

Angelique Hutchins